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Mulch Products

playground mulch


This economical mulch, made of land clearing products, triple ground, and is a dark colored mulch sometimes referred to as "midnight". Suitable for use on commercial and residential properties where the chief concerns are well groomed beds and effective weed control.

brown mulch

Premium Brown      BEST SELLER! #2 In Sales

This is a 100% hardwood product that has been triple ground and aged into a fine naturally dark mulch. Aged bark will break down into an enriching soil additive more quickly and uniformly than traditional wood mulches. This is a very hard-to-find product, as most shredded hardwood mulches on today's market contain a large percentage of wood. Excellent for discriminating property owners who don't want to deal with a build up of wood mulch over years of gardening. We call this "pulled pork" because of it's unique shredded look.

black mulch

Black Diamond       BEST SELLER" #1 In Sales

Ground from hardwood bark. These products hold their fresh color longer than other types of mulches. Suitable for situations where a long term well-groomed look is desired or where mulch colors are used to compliment or accent the color scheme of the property.

red mulch

Red Cedar/Red Ocher  (red ocher is brownish red shredded hardwood, rich looking and not as bright as red cedar)

Red Cedar Mulch is lightweight, easy to handle and has a pleasing aroma. It is produced as a by-product of sawmill operations and other processors of cedar logs. It is a natural product free from added coloring or dyes. Its color is best described as a mix of several shades of reddish-brown and blonde. We recommend "Red Ocher" for most residential applications and "Red Cedar" for most commercial applications. The Red Ocher has a depp brownish.res color and looks great in a landscape bed.

Stone Products


river stone

Wash Stone

Primarily used for drainage.

crushed stone Crusher Run #1 and #2

Primarily used for compaction (base material). 

stone dust Stone Dust

Primarily used as brick bed (sand).

washed stone

River Stone

Primarily used in landscape beds (decorative stone).

Topsoil Products

screened top soil


Our Topsoil is screened twice. We strive to provide the best quality soil in the area. 

unscreened top soil

Unscreened/Fill Dirt

regular fill and clean fill

fill soil


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